What is Driden?

Driden Enterprises is the online and offline parent company of various business activites for Barry Calbreath. The offline business began in 1998, while the online business took shape in 2001. Driden Enterprises has worked in the areas of marketing of homemade items, marketing of commercial items for resale, multi level marketing, tax preparation, bookkeeping, affiliate marketing and genealogical research. In addition to these areas, Driden Enterprises operates "Driden's Waste of Space" - an online area of information and fun.

Driden Enterprises is currently working on expanding the online presence. This will be done through additional areas added to the Waste of Space. The new areas will include additional personality tests. In addition, there will be as a new financial education website.

Driden Enterprises will be expanding in the area of genealogy both online and offline. This will be done through offering resources and presentations.

Driden Enterprises is also looking into lauching a new publishing company of both hard copy books as well as e-books. The publishing company would focus mostly on genealogy, history, financial education, inspirational and children's books.

Please stay tuned, and check back often. Changes are in the air, and will be resting upon Driden Enterprises.

Barry Calbreath
CEO - Driden Enterprises

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