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Here we will go over creating your Driden Avatar. Your Driden Avatar can be used anywhere to show your Drideness. Use it any place that allows you to upload an image to represent yourself. Shrink it, print it out, and paste it over your picture on your drivers license. Don't be surprised if somebody checking your ID has an issue with it, but then they just don't have any Driden in them. Blow the picture up and use it as a mask for Halloween... or Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, New Years, or just whenever you want to play dress up.

The first thing you will need is the base picture. This is the only picture that you can download to use from any of the Driden websites. Copy this picture, and open it up in your image editor (if you don't have a fancy editor, just use Paint - it's good enough, it works, and it's free with your computer).

face.gif - put this in your browser to copy it

Below is the official Driden Avatar. This is the avatar for Driden's use. Make your avatar to be representative of you and who you are.

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