I Am A

Driden Name: Driden
Nick Name: Bear_E
Real Name: Barry
Hometown: Temple, TX
Website: www.driden.com

Zodiac: Pisces
DriQ: 200
Driden Personality Results

Hello Barry. I have some very bad news for you.

Due to your spending so much time on the internet, you are going to be dead by the age of 45.

Your favorite color is Gold? You are a sick, color blind person.

Based off your results from the inkblots, you are a sick, deranged, psychotic individual who needs serious counceling.

You thought i had 6 fingers up? You are sooooooooooooooo wrong. You have no psychic talent at all.

You are a go getter, with a lot of enthusiasm. You reach for the stars and don't let the fact it's daytime bother you. Way to go! Now get your lazy butt out of the chair and stop wasting your talents there.

You're weird, Get away from me you freak.

I am a Dridenite, part of the Dridenetwork. I certify that I live by the tenants of being a Dridenite as detailed by Driden Enterprises at the greatest website ever, driden.com