How To Be A


A Dridenite is someone who follows the path of the Driden. In order to follow the path of Driden, one must first know what that path is (duh). Therefore, the first thing a person must do to become a Dridenite, is read this page to find out what a Dridenite is.

Welcome! You have taken your first step on the path of becoming a Dridenite. You've done this by starting to read this page. Wow, you're cool!

Obviously, a Dridenite must have a good sense of humor. While being serious is important, so is being funny. If you don't have a good sense of humor, then please read through the website, but don't plan on being a Dridenite. You just won't get it (the jokes that is).

A Dridenite must follow the Church of Driden. This doesn't mean you have to convert! Although the founder of the COD is an ordained minister through the Universal Living Church, the COD is designed to be an extension of your current religious beliefs. Having a connection to the Higher Power is important - no matter what your belief of that Higher Power is - be it The All Father, God, Vishnu, The Great Spirit, The Godddess Earth, or Jerry The Constelation That Is Orion's Twin Brother Who Doesn't Look Like Orion.

A Dridenite understands the importance of financial education. The government's not going to take care of you, your job's not going to take care of you, only you are going to take care of you. Therefore, a Dridenite must attend the Driden Institute.

A Dridenite must also be a member of Dridenspace. Have you made your Dridenspace Avatar yet? If not, get over to Dridenspace now, and start social Dridenetworking.

The next thing that makes someone a Dridenite is to go through Driden's Waste of Space. All Dridenites start off doing their taxes by using the Driden Tax Calculator. They must check their Horrorscope at least twice a month. They must have taken the Driden Personality Test to get their Driden Personality Profile. As other Driden Tests are placed on the site, you must take them.

So don't delay! Become a Dridenite today! Operators are standing by! Quantities are limited! Once they're gone, they're gone for at least 3 minutes!

In summary:

  1. Have a good sense of humor
  2. Worship at the Church of Driden
  3. Go to school at The Driden Institute
  4. Have a Driden Avatar, and do social Dridenetworking, through Dridenspace
  5. Use the Driden Tax Service through Driden's Waste of Space
  6. Check your Driden Horrorscope through Driden's Waste of Space
  7. Get your Driden Personality Profile through Driden's Waste of Space
  8. Use Driden's Waste of Space for your news, sports, enertainment, comics, and to check your stocks (remember, financial education)
  9. Decide what to eat and do your shopping at Driden's Waste of Space
  10. Put together a Terror Readiness Kit as described at Dridengov.anarchy
  11. Waste time at Driden's Waste of Space

Hey! Are you a Dridenite yet? If so, make your own Dridenite Web Page! Let the world know you're a Dridenite, and then let us know the URL for your Dridenite Web Page (please make it to look like the one below - originality through conforming). We'll link you in, and you can be part of the Dridenetwork!

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