The DriQ Test

What is your DriQ? Just how much on the "same wave length" are you with the mind of Driden? To find out, take this test. You will then know all you need to know, and if you get it all right, you are a know-it-all.

 1. "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" are:
    a. A singing group with Michael, Tito, Janet and OJ, and the name of their first album.
    b. Never heard of them.
    c. Two horrible shows on a horrible network.
    d. The two best cartoons ever created - but Simpsons is best of the two.
    e. Other

 2. The best space ship captain ever is:
    a. James T. Kirk
    b. Jonathan Archer
    c. Jean Luc Picard
    d. Han Solo
    e. Other

 3. George has 15 apples and 13 oranges. Joanne has 22 apples and 15 oranges. 33% of George's apples are sold to Joanne for $0.98 per pound, while Joanne sells 5% of her oranges to Gary for $1.13 per pound. Gary buys George's remaining apples for $0.99 per pound in an attempt to keep Joanne from getting a monopoly on them. How much does George pay Gary for his oranges?
    a. You can't compare apples to oranges
    b. I need a calculator
    c. $9.90
    d. All purchases are apparently made in trade rather than cash, with cash values being applied to the products, therefore, no money changes hands, so they're paid for with apples.
    e. $0.00
    f. I think I've gone cross-eyed
    g. Other

 4. Flutag is:
    a. Never heard of it
    b. A flight competition that appears to be a complete waste of time as nobody actually flies but instead falls - until one entrant manages to fly all the way around the world becoming the first person to travel at warp speed while staying within earth's atmosphere.
    c. A term for a sexual position where you (remaining portion of this answer has been edited for your safety)
    d. You made that word up, didn't you
    e. Other

 5. Every home office needs all of the following except:
    a. Computer
    b. Desk
    c. Chair
    d. Television for taking breaks
    e. Couch for watching TV
    f. Printer
    g. Telephone
    h. Bookshelf with books
    i. Other

 6. Dilbert is
    a. A comic strip
    b. Funny!
    c. So true that they must have a hidden camera watching me at work
    d. Other

 7. Complete this series: 1 3 7 15 31 63
    a. a number
    b. 94
    c. 127
    d. 115
    e. Other

 8. Which of these is not like the others:
    a. Homer
    b. Marge
    c. Bart
    d. Lisa
    e. Quagmire
    f. Other

 9. The best pizza topping is:
    a. Vegetarian
    b. Meat - enough said
    c. Pepperoni
    d. Sausage
    e. Cheese
    f. Other

10. An IQ test is to this DriQ test as a diamond is to
    a. Garbage
    b. Pizza
    c. A really cool diamond
    d. Other

11. Did you take this test without looking at the cheat sheet?
    a. Yes - I am honest
    b. No - I am a cheater
    c. There's a cheat sheet?

Cheat Sheet for the DriQ is here

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