The Gospel According To Vlad

Vladamir Drac-Tepes is the first Dridenite - the first follower of Driden. He follows me everywhere I go, and was almost named Shadow because of it. He is like my shadow, but the truth is, he's just a little Daddy's Boy.

There's nothing wrong with that though. It's the life that makes him happy. There are many different life styles, different ways of living those life styles. The one important thing is to find what makes you happy, and go for that life style. Vlad's found his.

Vlad is happy sleeping at the foot of the bed, biting the blanket. He's happy eating. He's a happy boy playing with the little ring off of the milk jug. He likes to play with the other "children" as well.

Vlad was named after the original Count Dracula. He's a black cat. When playing, he loves to bite. One of his favorite things is to grab my wrist with his front paws and start gnawing on my knuckles. All of that being said, he's afraid of everything including his own shadow. One of his favorite places to be is behind the couch, between the back of the couch and the wall. He feels safe there, because nobody can "get him" back there. If anyone tries to move the couch to get back there, he can take off running and get away. It makes him feel safe to be back there. He also hides under the bed for the same reason.

Vlad likes to lay down next to people (especially his daddoo). That closeness makes him happy. It makes him feel secure.

When he wants something, Vlad will let you know. He's a very vocal cat. Sometimes he just walks through the house meowing. When asked what he wants, he usually will have wanted someone to play with. This is obvious by him becoming an ankle biter - literally. He runs up and attacks ankles when he's playful.

Vlad's lifestyle isn't one that I would suggest for everyone to take on. As a cat though, it's a good life style for him. It's a very difficult one to live if you're not a cat though, because it takes someone else to make it happen. We've all heard "live every day like it's your last" meaning to live for the moment. Vlad's lifestyle is more like this:

Live every day like it's your first - cry until you get what you want and get somebody else to wipe your ass.

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