Count Your Blessings

The other day, I was out of the house (something that doesn't happen much). While out, I saw a person wearing very nice clothing. She was walking out to the parking lot, getting into her expensive car. As she did, reaching into her expensive looking purse for her keys, she dropped a comb out of her purse. With a disgusted look on her face, she looked at it on the ground, turned her nose up, and left it there. She didn't care anything about that comb. It was now dirty, so she would leave it and simply replace it.

As I saw this, I was reminded of something I had seen when I was much younger. I was in the car with my mother, I can't remember where we were going. Traffic was moving very slowly. I looked over at the sidewalk, and there was a homeless man. He was wearing worn out jeans and no shirt. He had long scraggly hair, and a long scraggly beard that was as long as the guys in ZZTop. He was an old man, his hair was gray white. He ran along the sidewalk as fast as his thin frame could carry him. He stopped, and picked something up off the ground. It was a dirty comb, missing teeth.

This homeless man picked up that comb and held it tightly. He was looking around as if to say "This is my comb, you can't have it." He walked off, clutching that dirty, broken comb in his hands. That comb was important to him. Why? Probably because he didn't have one.

I thought about the homeless man as the woman drove off. I thought about the comb. I wondered if there was a homeless person nearby who would find that comb, clutching it, being thankful that they finally have a comb. Not caring that it had been on the ground and gotten dirty. I thought, she's going to waste money by buying another one, when she could have washed that one off.

But she couldn't be bothered with that. The comb was no longer perfect, therefore, it was no good to her. However, there was someone to whom that comb, in its dirty condition, would be seen as a treasure.

So what's the point of all this? Consider this: Do you have things in your life that are perfectly good, but you want more? Or better? This plate has a small, almost impossible to see chip in it. Would you still use it? Or throw out the set because the set's not complete anymore? Do you look at your TV and say "It's not big enough" or "I need an HDTV" even though you're able to watch your shows just fine with the one you have?

There's nothing wrong with wanting more, wanting better. However, when you do, consider this: how many people, right in your own area, don't have a TV? How many are eating off broken plates? Or wondering when and where their next meal is coming from? How many people, right in your own area, would give everything to have what you have?

There's nothing wrong with wanting more. There's nothing wrong with wanting better. However, never take for granted what you do have. There's an old saying. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Always remember, when you see the things you have, that there are others who don't have them, others who would love to have them. So when you do replace things, think: would somebody else find use from this? Would somebody else find enjoyment from this? If you can answer yes, then please, take the items. Donate them to charity. Give them to GoodWill, to The Salvation Army, give them to homeless shelters. Give them to animal shelters. Animals are in need of items just as much as people.

Next time you're upgrading your lifestyle, think of others. With considerate donations instead of just throwing out items, you can help upgrade their lifestyle as well, and put a smile on the face of a stranger.

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