I Think Therefore I Am

A wise man once said to be mindful of your thoughts, they betray you. You may also have heard a variant on that which states thoughts become reality. You have probably also heard of the power of positive thinking. All of these, as well as the countless variations, basically say to be positive, and you will bring positive to you. Be negative, and you will bring negative to you. That’s great information to have, but in a world full of negativity, how can you constantly be positive?

Positive thinking and negative thinking are the two sides of the same coin. Positive is heads and negative is tails. The trick is to make your coin a two-headed coin. When it comes to thoughts, how you word things makes the difference.

Let’s look at an example. For the sake of this example, let us assume that you have a lot of debt. This debt is on your mind a lot. You’re trying to figure out the best payment plans to pay it off without causing more debt, looking at your income, reviewing your spending patterns, calculating interest, and all of the other advices that a credit counselor would give. As you’re concentrating on this debt, the thought of being out of debt comes through your mind.

The thought may cross your mind as “I do not want this debt.” Maybe the thought is “I want no more debt.” Or possibly it is “I want to be debt free.” Keeping in mind that the power of thought is the power of positive thinking, and that negative thoughts are weaker than positive, let’s examine those three statements.

When you think “I do not want this debt”, you have a negative statement. The word “not” in the middle is a negative word, and will not travel through the universe as the other words in that sentence. Therefore, the positive though being sent is “I do want this debt.” Y ou will continue to struggle with that debt.

What about “I want no more debt”? You’re being positive, stating what you want, not what you don’t want… right? I’m sorry to say, no, you’re wrong. When thinking about positive and negative thoughts, you must also look at them as constructive and destructive. This thought is destructive toward the debt. It is a destructive, and therefore, negative thought. The word “no” will be weaker, as in our first thought. Therefore, what is being sent out is “I want more debt”, and you will find things worse than they are now.

Finally, let’s look at the last thought: “I want to be debt free.” Now this is a positive thought. You are not saying to destroy your debt. You are sending out the thought that you want to create a situation in which you do not have anymore debt. You want your life to be one in which you do not have anymore debt. You want your life to be one in which the thought of debt never has to enter, because debt does not exist. Although this does in essence destroy the debt, the thought does not ask for that specifically. Merely, the thought asks (in however the Universe seems fit to do it) to make your life debt free.

It’s amazing when you think about it. All three are asking for the same outcome. However, only the version that asks in a positive way, and leaves the specifics to the Universe, will achieve the desired results. Sometimes the weight of a problem holds us down spiritually and emotionally. We must let go of the problem of “now”, and positively look at, and then ask for, how we want “tomorrow” to be. Leave the specifics to the Universe. Otherwise, we will be trapped by the problems of “now.”

Don’t concentrate on the negative. Accentuate the positive. Thoughts become reality. Thoughts are reality. So… what do you think?

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