The One True Evil

I have found that, in this world, there is only one true evil. Some blame evil upon "Satan" or "The Devil" or "Bill Gates", but the truth is, that there is an evil in this world. That evil is... greed.

Greed is the true evil. Unfortunetly, it has taken control of the world. It rules our lives, even when we ourselves are not being greedy. Greed is ruining the world. Specifically, the greed of money.

Please note that some greed is good. Wanting, trying to hold on to what you have, this is not the type of greed that I am talking about. Greed that motivates you to push yourself to be better (including the greed of money, that I talk about below) can be good. It's more how you use it that causes it to be evil. And that is what I am getting at below.

A person wants something. Therefore, they demand more money so they can get it. The evil organizations known as Unions facilitate them into getting more, much more than they should be getting 9 times out of 10. Now, in order to give these greedy people more money, the businesses paying them raise their prices for goods and services. Then, anyone buying their goods and services have to have more money in order to purchase them. Therefore, they demand more money. Now, they're demanding more in order to stay in the same place they were before. But staying there isn't ever "good enough" because greed takes hold. They're asking for more, so why stop at just enough? So, they demand even more, so they can get something else that they want.

And the vicious cycle continues on and on and on and on and on. Why? Because someone got greedy.

Now, people can't keep up with the way greed is pushing everything up and up and up. So what does greed do? It pulls out the ultimate weapon of evil. Worse than fire and brimstone. Worse than pitchforks. Worse than bagpipe and accordian music being played at the same time. Greed introduces... the credit card.

Credit cards are the biggest tool of evil ever created. With credit cards, not only can greed make you grab more and more stuff, make you want more and more and go "I must have it", but now, greed makes you a slave, taking what you have, making you stress, and... making you have to demand even more money in order to pay off the debt that they force upon you. Credit cards are the biggest sin around. Organizations that try to "give" you a credit card are agents of evil. They also prove the saying "Nothing Is Free." They'll "give" you a credit card so you can get more things. But they'll take your very soul, your peace of mind, your happiness while doing it.

While credit cards are the biggest tools of evil, the biggest agents of evil are not the people pushing the cards upon you. The biggest agents of evil... are bill collectors. Collectors, who terrorize you to the point of fearing the mail, fearing phone calls, fearing knocks at the door. Collectors, who, without caring about whether or not something may have happend to you to cause a financial hardship, harrass you constantly about as little as $0.01 of debt. Collectors have no conscious. Collectors have no heart. Collectors are agents of greed, who show you what "Hell" trully is.

Greed is evil. Credit cards push greed deeper into you. Collectors torture you in the name of greed. If a collector calls you, never answer them. Only say "May Driden bless you." No matter what they say, answer with "May Driden bless you." Never say anything other than "May Driden bless you" to them. Hopefully, one day, they will see the errors of their ways. They will quit torturing you and others.

If someone offers you a credit card, rip up the application. Take the envelope (the prepaid one), and place a note inside it. The note should say "May Driden have mercy upon your soul, for you are the pusher of greed. You will not find happiness at my expense." Send this back to them. When nobody is getting new credit cards, when nobody is using their old credit cards, these places that attempt to pull you into evil's hands will find that the world has forsaken greed for personal happiness.

Remember rule number one always: Everything you do affects not only yourself, but others as well. In your own pursuit for happiness, do not do anything that will cause someone else to not be happy. Happiness, at the expense of others, is not happiness. Thou shalt not do anything that brings harm or sadness to anyone, including yourself.

Do not give in to greed. Everything can be put into three categories: things needed, things not necessarily needed but have a definate use, and things not essential at all. If something falls in the third category, then it's not something that you need. Only get things in the third category if you can afford to after getting things in the first two. This is not to say never get something that's just for you, because you want to. This is to say, don't be excessive in it. Only every now and then do that (unless you can afford to do it more), and make sure you can cover the first two categories first.

Use your head. Think. Do not let greed influence your decisions. If you do, you will not find true happiness.

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