Why Should I Listen To You?

I say a lot of stuff on here, and people may be wondering, "hey, who are you to tell me anything?"

I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. The ULC is, per their website, "the only denomination in the world that opens its doors to all". That is what the Churdh of Driden is as well. This is true non-denominational. It doesn't matter what you believe "God" is or what your religious beliefs are. The COD welcomes all. At the COD, your happiness is important.

The COD does not discreminate in anyway. No matter what your skin color is (black, white, red, brown, green, purple, etc), no matter what your denomination (Christian, Jew, Muslim, Wiccan, Jedi, Buddhist, Scientologist, etc), no matter what - you are weclome here. The teachings of the COD are for all to share in. The COD is for everyone and anyone. All you have to do is, at the end of the day, believe that you are worth it, that you are important. Believe in yourself.

Believe, and all is available to you. Believe, and you will succeed. Believe.

Welcome to the Church of Driden.

The Reverend Barry Calbreath

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