This website, Calbreath.com, was a project of my mother – Crystal Calbreath. She loved doing genealogy. The goal was to be able to put together a site with correct information about various members of our family. Many have served in the military, thus the name of the website – A Military Family.

She wanted to do this because there is so much mis-information when it comes to genealogy. People would say to her, “just go on Ancestry.com, everything's right there.” The problem with that is, it's put in by people who go, “My great-grandmother said I was related to King Whosits, so I'll put a link there.” Also, it has to be put in. If nobody's done your family tree, it's not going to be there. In addition, she found so many inaccuracies on all of the sites (not just Ancestry), it would frustrate her.

Unfortunately, she passed away before being able to complete this project. The only one that is up is for William Don Calbreath.

Although there are inaccuracies, if you are interested in genealogy, I would encourage you to check out the various family tree type websites. Just remember to verify any information you find there. Research is the key to genealogy, don't just go by what is on the website.

Mom loved doing genealogy. I hope that you will find as much passion in the work as she did. For Crystal Calbreath: 1947-2018

~Barry Calbreath
Owner, Driden Enterprises

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